Porter Engineering


Porter Engineering is a leading supplier of Log Scanning, Optimization and Process Control Systems for sawmills.

Porter was founded in 1971 to offer specialized equipment engineering services for the forest products industry. Included in early projects were hydraulic setworks which were just beginning to be used in sawmills. Electronic process control of primary breakdown lines became an increasingly important part of the products provided. The company evolved into a leader in the supply of Log Scanning, Optimization and Process Control Equipment for sawmills, based on many years of development of its real time software, “RT² – Real Time for Real Trees” and the use of full-profile scanners with “RT³ – Real Shape for Real Trees”.

Porter pioneered many of the advances in software algorithms used in determining the best method to break down tree length stems in optimized bucking systems and saw logs at primary breakdown. From the earlier methods of Look-Up Tables to the Real Time Solutions of today, Porter has led the industry in providing a complete package of Optimization and Process Control for primary log breakdown.

RT³ is an industry leading software program that runs on Industrial PC’s utilizing Intel processors. Porter Optimization and Process Control systems, running in many sawmills in Canada and the US, are available for Transverse and Lineal Log Bucking applications, for Primary Breakdown machines such as Sharp Chains, Canters and End-Doggers as well as Horizontal and Vertical Shape Sawing Gangs.

Porter offers the best system support in the industry by stocking spare parts for the life of the system, providing free telephone support and remote-access troubleshooting.

Porter Engineering has a commitment to quality. We produce systems that work. Extensive system testing is done prior to shipping to ensure fast start-ups and customer satisfaction.