Curve Sawing


Porter Engineering has applied its many years of experience in true shape log profiling to cant optimization for curve sawing. RT3 incorporates high definition scan data from multipoint laser scanners and the latest multi-core Industrial Computers to provide accurate true shape cant profiling and computer modeling. The highest recovery and value for each cant is thus achieved.


Porter has developed RT3 for vertical curve sawing gangs with profiling heads and single and double arbor horizontal curve sawing gangs.

Porter systems are custom tailored to your mill. Upstream and downstream processes, mechanical design, markets and special needs are analyzed and incorporated into the system hardware and software.

scannerFeatures of RT3

  • Porter systems are completely customized for your mill, accurately modeling downstream and upstream processes
  • High scan rate, high density multipoint laser scanners
  • Industrial Rackmount Intel® Core i7 multi-core scanning/optimization computers
  • Optional Face Checking system integration
  • Exhaustive search algorithm, optimum solution provided for every cant
  • Optimize for value, recovery or product mix
  • Full wane rule modeling
  • Common User Interface, with texture mapping 3D graphics, across all Porter optimization systems
  • Customized mill management reports
  • Embedded context sensitive help

Powerful RT3 Simulation Program

RT3 empowers the user to run off-line simulations to determine what effects parameter changes (price, target size, kerf, product mix, etc.) have on value, recovery and resulting lumber mix without actually processing the timber. A single cant, a portion of or a complete shift of cants may be simulated and the results can be view in report form and/or graphically.


Scanning/Optimization Computer: Industrial Rackmount Intel® Core i7 multi-core

Full Profile Scanners: High scan rate, high density, multipoint laser scanners

Graphical User Interface PC: Current technology with large flat panel monitors, Microsoft Windows and Office, Disk Management and Antivirus Software

Simulation PC: Current technology with large flat panel monitor, Microsoft Windows and Office, Disk Management and Antivirus Software

Solution Monitors: Flat panel displays for operator and machine outfeed

Computer Cabinet: Dust, oil and water tight and cooled with a high efficiency air conditioner

Encoders: Bidirectional, custom built by Porter with 5/8″ diameter stainless steel shaft and a cast steel enclosure

Documentation: Operating Manuals, Interconnection Diagrams, Wiring Schedules, Electrical Schematics and Component Layouts provided in hard copy and/or electronic format

Porter offers many levels of product support to ensure your continued satisfaction with our systems:

  • Free telephone technical support for the life of the system including troubleshooting your system over Internet/VPN
  • After Hours Emergency support
  • Spare optimization parts stocked at our Richmond facility