Rotation Correction


The lumber manufacturing industry is continually looking for ways to decrease the random errors associated with Optimum Log Rotation Systems. Fixing these errors has been identified as an area for significant increases in fiber and value recovery.

Porter’s RT3 Rotation Correction System solves the random error problem, utilizing Hermary SL-1880 laser scanners mounted near the log turner in conjunction with the latest in software and hardware, compares log shape data captured on the Rotation Conveyor to that being re-scanned by the Rotation Correction Scanners. The RT3 Correction System calculates the difference between the actual and the desired angles of rotation, and through the PLC Process Control provides a corrective turn to the log.


Features of RT3 Rotation Correction

  • Corrects random rotational errors found in all log turners using unique algorithms that compare geometric scan data
  • Utilizes industry standard laser scanners minimizing spare parts and maintenance requirements
  • Provides corrective rotation decisions through the PLC Process Control System while actually tracking the log through the turners
  • Presents real time log by log feedback to the Operator
  • Includes canter feature to verify post correction position
  • Comprehensive graphical and tabular statistical reporting that fully integrates to all Porter RTSystems
  • Provides significant increases in fiber utilization, lumber value and lumber recovery