Face Checker


RT3 Face Checker measures actual opening faces produced by primary breakdown machines and compares them in real-time to those predicted by the primary breakdown optimizer. Using predicted and actual cant face and log geometry data, RT3 Face Checker detects and reports on the results of mechanical and control shortcomings. This method produces significantly more comparison data than traditional “hand measurement methods” allowing timely intervention should process parameters exceed mill-configurable alarming limits improving lumber recovery and value and machine performance.


Features of RT3 Face Checker

  • Stand Alone or integrated into Canter/Curve Gang configurations
  • Real-Time measurement and comparison of predicted versus actual faces
  • Detects chipping heavy or light
  • Detects skewed positioning of logs
  • Real-Time detection of set error per piece and over entire shift
  • Alarming to alert personnel configurable limits have been exceeded
  • Graphical Reporting on Operator/Outfeed Monitor for “Quick Checks”
  • Extensive statistical reporting in Microsoft Access format